Introduction to Solar Energy and PV Science

It is not new to the world that alternative energy from non-conventional sources is the need of the generation. The dwindling of fossil fuel reserves and an increase in energy demand has already made the growth in renewable energy. The alternative energy industry is growing exponentially and now is the time in getting involved and reducing the pollution.

Humans have devised ways to use different sources of energy. It is clearly evident that use of fossil fuels such as coal and crude oil have resulted in emissions of greenhouse gases causing global warming. And the non-conventional resources of energy such as solar, hydro, wind, biomass, geothermal, etc. have lesser environmental impacts compared to the former. However, this will be discussed while analyzing the life cycle of non-conventional and conventional energy sources.  Given the facts of increased energy demands, limited natural resources, environmental pollution, an abundance of alternative energy and various societal benefits from its implementation, renewable energy technologies will play a significant role in the coming future.

One such renewable energy technology was developed using Sun as the abundant source of energy. It definitely has life as every other thing but this lifetime is far beyond our expectations. Various reasons contributed to its development as we see the technology today such as the oil crisis, energy for space missions etc.  

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